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God knows how to reach people, and that's just what He did for Libbey McAvoy through The River at Ocala Church. The Pastors blessed Libbey with a vehicle! That alone is a blessing in itself, but the impact of that blessing is a lot deeper. Eleven years ago Libbey was in a terrible car accident, she was hospitalized and had numerous surgeries. Unfortunately from this accident, Libbey was left with a fear of driving. She was praying to God one night asking Him to do something big for her. The next day is when Libbey received a phone call from The Pastors that they were blessing her with a vehicle, God answered her prayer! This direct blessing from God completely eliminated all her fear. She trusted the previous owners of the vehicle who were other River members, she trusted the Pastors at The Church, this is exactly what Libbey needed to free her from that bondage of fear and God orchestrated it all. Now everywhere she goes she has a testimony of how God used The River to bless her with a car and set her free from years of fear, glory to God!